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Case Study

Improving Barrier Film Properties
The customer is required to improve the current barrier level of a coating film for a paper board juice container. This customer also wanted barrier similar to that provided by EVOH, but at a lower cost. An additional desire was improving the stiffness of the overall film.

Goals: Find an alternative to more expensive high barrier resins, which would provide barrier improvement without being over engineered. Also improve stiffness of the film to reduce bulging.


Due to cost and patent restrictions, the customer chose to replace EVOH film
with Bayer's Durethan® nanocomposite nylon. The nanocomposite provided
the required barrier and increased film stiffness by 30%. In addition, the use
of a nylon-based product improved adhesion to the paper substrate and PE 

Advantages: Switching to a nanocomposite provided an easy-to-use alternative to EVOH,
while also providing the needed improvement in stiffness, allowing the customer
to participate in a market previously closed to their products.

Customer Completion:

The customer was able to make a simple resin switch not requiring a costly
retro fit, or process changes.

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