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Case Study

Applying Nanomer®Nanoclays to Polyolefin Engineered Product


The customer is currently molding a large tractor seat, and is required to improve the stiffness, lower SPG of the part, as well as provide for better CLTE for tighter molding control in order to renew their contract.
  • Improve flexural modulus
  • Lower overall weight
  • Improve CLTE
Advantages: The customer was able to replace a high loading of traditional filler, with a PP containing a 6% loading of Nanomer nanoclay. As a result, part weight decreased 23% and flexural modulus increased over 30%. Finally, the customer also noted a significant improvement in whitening under stress conditions.

Customer Completion:

The customer worked closely with Nanocor on testing, and selecting a compounding partner able to provide material specifications to meet their needs on a commercial level. This close working relationship allowed the project to go from concept to commercial use in less than three months.

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