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Case Study

Film Down Gauging
The customer is required to reduce cost, and possibly lower overall weight
of the multi-layer film while maintaining the current barrier level of an SMC.

  • Lower overall cost of multi-layer film
  • Lower the SPG of the film
  • Maintain barrier level

    The film is multi-layer consisting of 5 layers as follows:
    1. PE
    2. Tie-layer
    3. Nylon 6
    4. Tie-layer
    5. PE
    The customer chose to replace the standard layer of nylon totaling 1mil
    thickness, with Honeywell's AegisTM nylon nanocomposite providing a 2x
    improvement in oxygen barrier. The improved intrinsic barrier allowed the
    customer to down-gauge Aegis to a thickness of 0.25 mil while maintaining
    the original barrier level of the existing film.
Advantages: This not only lowered the SPG, providing a weight savings, but also lowered
the overall cost per foot of film, due to higher volume of lower cost PE, and
reduced nylon use.

Customer Completion:

The customer was quickly able to see the cost advantages and complete the
project with minimal preparation

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