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The customer produces multi-layer ketchup bottles and was experiencing a higher than acceptable level of rejects, due to difficulties in processing EVOH as the barrier layer. The customer is looking to replace the EVOH with a more cost effective material that allows for easier processing, maintains barrier properties, and is cost effective.
  • Replace EVOH with Imperm®
  • Reduce percentage of rejects due to delamination
  • Maintain current level of barrier
  • Maintain costs

The customer successfully completed the barrier layer replacement. In addition, Imperm eliminated the need for tie-layers, lowering the reject rate by 71%, while maintaining the barrier properties, and the same cost, even before calculating the cost savings of lower reject rates.


The customer met all of their original expectations including lowering reject rates, maintaining barrier properties, and keeping the project cost competitive. Further, the customer determined that there is no longer a need for tie-layers, and the actual barrier properties were further improved in high humidity testing. Finally, Imperm provided a cost savings due to a significant reduction in reject rates.

Customer Completion:

The customer was able to complete a trial with Imperm, and move to commercial status without any changes in processing conditions.

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