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Nanocor China

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Commercial Applications

Business, Industrial and General Consumer
As consumers we encounter plastics every time we use a telephone, computer, lawn or garden tool, attend an office meeting, visit a doctor or play a game of tennis or golf. The same is true for our industrial sector, where plastics have replaced metal pipes, stairs, assembly line components, machine rotor blades, tanks and a multitude of other essential productive elements. The benefits of nanocomposite technology can be selectively applied to many niche products essential to business, to manufacturing and general consumer use.

Appliance Gears/Sprockets      
Sporting Goods        
Computer Boards        
Copier Components        
Electrical Enclosures        
Fiber Optic Cable Sheathing        
Furniture Coating        
Ink Rollers      
Outdoor Signs        
Plenum Cable Coatings      
Power Generator Insulation      
Power Tool Housings      
Vessel/Tank Liners      
Drip Irrigation Systems      

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