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Nanocor China

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Commercial Applications

The transportation sector, especially automotive, is a heavy user of performance plastics. An average car has over 350 pounds of plastic components. Performance plastics include reinforcements, thermal stabilizers, chemical resistors and flame resistant additives, each increasing weight and therefore decreasing fuel efficiency. Since nanocomposites contain low nanoclay addition levels, they offer the automotive engineer an opportunity to minimize this weight penalty.

Nanocomposite’s barrier enhancement property plays a role in transportation by improving fuel vapor emissions in fuel tanks and distribution components. It also contributes greater resistance to common corrosive agents such as gasoline, anti-freeze and road salt.

Fit-and-finish depends on strength and stability under changing temperature conditions. Nanocomposites resist dimensional changes by reinforcing plastics in all directions and at a submicron level.

Door Frames      
Electrical Connectors      
Electro-Coat Primers        
Fuel Hoses/Valves      
Fuel Rails        
Fuel Tanks        
Intake Manifolds      
Mirror Housings      
Radiator Housings      
RV Panels        
Seat Foams        
Seat Frames      
Step Assists      
Interior Consoles    
Instrument Panels    

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