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Events Archive

Date Description Location

Calendar of Upcoming Events

Date Description Location
Mar 18-19, 2009 Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager will present at the European Plastic News Nanocomposites and Nanotubes Conference Click here for Event Details
Conference Website
Brussels, Belgium
Feb 22-25, 2009 Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager will present at the SPE International Polyolefins Conference 2009 | Society of Plastics Engineers  Click here for Event Details
Conference Website
Houston, TX
Feb. 18-19, 2009 Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager will present at the “2nd Annual Conference on Nanotechnology Law, Regulation and Policy” by The Food and Drug Law Institute
Click here for Event Details
Washington, DC
Oct. 16-17, 2008 “Nano-filled Fire Retardant Polymers and Polymeric Composites” - National Laboratory of Flame Retardant Materials and Beijing Institute of Technology.
Nanocor will sponsor and has exhibition booth at this event.
Click here for Event Details
Bejing, China
Dec. 8-10, 2008 “Nanoclay as Fame Retardant Additives”
Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager
Click here for Event Details
Cologne, Germany
March 11-12, 2008 “Latest insight into the use of nanocomposites in barrier and flame retardation applications”, by Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager

Event Details Brochure
Brussels, Belgium
Feb 28, 2008 “Capitol Hill High Tech and Nanotechnology Showcase”
Event Details  
Washington DC, USA
Feb 24-27, 2008 SPE Polyolefins and FlexPackCon 2008.
Joint presentation by Dr. Harutun Karian on Behalf of Rhetech and Nanocor. "The Interaction between Nanocomposites and TiO2 Pigment in Thin-Film Applications"
Houston, TX
Feb 11-13, 2008 “Advanced Nanocomposite Resin for Multi-Layer Pet Containers”
Nova Pack 2008-Schotland Business Research, Inc.
Conference Details
Orlando, FL
Feb 4-6, 2008 “Plastic-Clay Nanocomposites”
by Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager
Capitalizing on Nanoplastics - Intertech Pira

Event Details  
San Antonio, TX, USA
September 5-7, 2007 “Nanoclay and nanocomposite: commercial application update”, by Dr. Ying Liang
7th World Congress Nanocomposites 2007-Executive Conference Management
Las Vegas, Nevada
July 19, 2007 “Nanomer Nanoclay as Flame Retardation Additives” ,by Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager
Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardants - Intertech Pira
May 1, 2007 Nanotechnology: Better Barrier Resins for Pouch and Flexible Packaging Applications , Tie Lan, General Manager
St. Petersburg,
March 27-29, 2007 Multilayer Packaging Films 2007, "Applications of nanoclay based nanocomposite in multilayer packaging"
Dr. Ying Liang, Technical Sales Manager-Polyamides
Cologne, Germany
Feb. 21-23, 2007  The Future of Nanoplastics 2007,  “Nanoplastics: Technology and Applications.” Dr. Tie Lan, General Manager, Nanocor, Inc. Weblink: Intertech Pira Event San Antonio, TX, USA
Feb. 19-21, 2007  Thermoplastic Concentrates 2007,  Exhibitor Weblink: Chandler, AZ, USA
Feb. 13-14, 2007  Barrier Films “New Developments in Nanocomposite High Barrier Films” Dr. Ying Liang, Technical Sales Manager-Polyamides
 Brussels, Belgium
Dec. 14-16,
Barrier Property Enhancement of Plastic Nanocomposites and Applications in Flexible Packaging

Web link:

Orlando, FL, USA
Nov. 29-Dec.3,
PLAST EURASIA ISTANBUL 2006, 16thInternational Istanbul Plastic Industries Fair - Istanbul, Turkey
Nov. 28-30,
PET Strategies

Atlanta, GA, USA
Nov. 16-17,


Mexico City, Mexico

Nov. 6-8,

FIRE RESISTANCE IN PLASTICS - Nanomer® Nanoclay Products as Flame Retardant Additives

Dusseldorf, Germany

June 5-6, 2006 Plastics in Automotive Applications - Conference 2006: Exploiting advanced developments in plastics for automotive applications

Mar 14-15, 2006

Nanocomposites 2006 - Polymer-Clay Nanocomposite: Commercial Success in Polymide


Mar 14-15, 2006

SPE Nanocomposite Workshop: Application of Nanoclay in Fire Retardation Compounds

East Landing,
May 30-31, 2006 POLYAMIDE 2006 : Polyamide Nanocomposites for Packaging and Engineering Applications. Dr. Ying Liang, Technical Sales Manager-Polyamides

Web link:

Zurich, Switzerland
June 18-19, 2006 Nanocomposites 2006 - Barrier Property Enhancement of Plastic Nanocomposites Chicago,
June 19-23, 2006
NPE : Trade Show Booth 385

Web link:

Nov 2005 NASA Nano 2005 East Boston, MA
Oct 24-26, 2005

SFP 2005 Specialty Plastic Films/Sheet - "POLYAMIDE 6 NANOCOMPOSITE APPLICATIONS IN PACKAGING AND TECHNICAL FILMS"; Presenter: Dr. Ying Liang, Sales/Marketing Manager-Polyamides;

Zurich, Switzerland
Oct 11-12, 2005


Presenter: Dr. Tie Lan
Technical Director

Andel's Hotel
Prague, Czech Republic

Oct 9-12 Automotive TPO Global Conference 2005 Sterling Heights, MI
Oct 4-6 Interplas 2005 Birmingham, UK
Sept 26-28 Pack Expo Las Vegas, NV
Sept 26-28 Interbev Orlando, FL
Sept 24-27 SPE Thermoforming Conference Milwaukee, WI
Sept 19-20 Nova Pack Europe Munich, Austria
Sept 18-21 North American Thermal Analysis Society 2005 Conference: "Plastic-Nanoclay Nanocomposites";
Presenter: Dr. Tie Lan
Technical Director

Sheraton Universal Hotel

Universal City, CA

Sept 12-17 Drinktec Munich, Austria
Aug. 22-24, 2005 Polymeric Nanocomposites San Francisco, CA
June 22-23, 2005 TPO’s in Automotive 2005 Geneva Switzerland
June 8-9, 2005 Global Pouch Forum 2005 (Standup Pouches) St. Petersburg, FL
June 7-9, 2005 Polyamide 2005 Dusseldorf, Germany
May 18-19, 2005 Automotive Interiors Show Detroit, MI
May 17-19, 2005 National Hardware Show Las Vegas, NV
May 14-17, 2005 Composite Can & Tube Institute Meeting San Antonio, TX
May 8-12, 2005 NASA Nano 2005 West Anaheim, CA
May 10-12, 2005 Packing Services Expo Chicago, IL
May 4-5, 2005 Innovations in PET Packaging Vienna, Austria
May 1-5, 2005 Antec Boston, MA
April 26 - 29, 2005 The APN Technology and Business Conference Singapore
April 21-27, 2005 Interpack 2005 Dusseldorf, Germany
April 18-24, 2005 CMM Flex Pack Chicago
April 13-14, 2005 Retort Pouches & Trays 2005 Princeton, JN
April 11-15, 2005 SAE World Congress & Expo Detroit, MI
April 5-6, 2005 Rapra-High Performance Thermoplastics Vienna, Austria
April 3-6, 2005 Additives 2005 New Orleans, LA
March 23-24, 2005 Health Pack 2005 San Antonio, TX
March 14-15, 2005 Flexible Packaging Conference Orlando, FL
Mar 9-10, 2005 Nanocomposites 2005 Europe Brussels, Belgium
March 1-3, 2005 Global Trends in Packaging Films New Orleans, LA
Feb 27-Mar 2, 2005 Polyolefins 2005 Houston, TX
Feb. 23-25, 2005 Nano Tech 2005 Japan Tokyo, Japan
Feb 12-13, 2005 Flexible Packaging Conference Toronto, Canada
Feb 8-10, 2005 Electronic West Anaheim, CA
Feb 1-3, 2005 Packaging Design Clearwater, FL
June 1-4, 2004 9th New Industrial Chemistry and Engineering (NICHE) Conference
St. Pete Beach, Florida
June 29-30, 2004 The Future of Nanomaterials (PIRA)
Birmingham, UK
Sept 1-3, 2004 Nanocomposite 2004
San Francisco, CA
March 17-18, 2004 Nanocomposites 2004
Bringing together the world's leading nanoclay suppliers for the first time in Europe, Nanocomposites 2004 represents a watershed in the advancement of this exciting and constantly evolving technology.
Brussels, Belgium
March 21-23, 2004 Structural Plastics 2004
The latest developments in technology effecting structural plastics today.
Charlotte, NC
March 23-25, 2004 Packaging Strategies
Complete overview of the packaging industry. Furture packagin trends and forecasts
Tel: 800.524.7225
Atlanta, GA
Oct 13-15, 2003 Pack Expo
The latest technology in packaging
Las Vegas, NV
June 23-27, 2003 NPE
The world's largest plastic and elestomer showcase
Chicago, IL
June 3, 2003 Stand Up Pouches
6th conference on stand-up pouch technology
May 20-22, 2003 Minerals in Compounding
The international business conference on the use of minerals in plastics
Cologne, Germany
Maritime Hotel
May 16-20, 2003 Antec 2004
ANTEC 2004, the Annual Technical Conference, sponsored by Society of Plastics Engineers! ANTEC is the largest peer-reviewed technical conference for plastics professionals in the industry. ANTEC will celebrate its 62nd successful year in Chicago, May 16-20, and will be held at Navy Pier and the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. .
Chicago, IL
May 4-8, 2003 Antec 2003
The Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Learn about the latest advances in plstatics technology.
Nashville, TN
Nashiville Convention Center
April 6-9, 2003 Additives 2003
12th Annual Conference on additives and modifiers
San Francisco, CA
Crowne Plaza Union Square
April 6, 2003 Nano Workshop
Special workshop on the basic prinicples of nanocomposites
San Francisco, CA
Crowne Plaza Union Square
Mar. 31- Apr. 2, 2003 Packaging Strategies
Complete overview of the packaging industry. Furture packagin trends and forecasts
Tel: 800.524.7225
Atlanta, GA
March 9-12, 2003 FRCA Spring 2003
Spring conference, updates on refulations, and newest alternatives for the FR market
New Orleans, LA
Hotel Monte Leone
March 3-5, 2003 Cables 2003
Wire and cable/ FR:
Tel: 44 (177) 924.9442
Cologne, Germany
Feb. 13-14, 2003 Nanocomposite 2003
Feb. 4-5, 2003 Active Pack 2003
Packaging strategies for extended shelf life products.
Ponte Vardra Beach, FL
Feb. 3-4, 2003 Nova Pack America 2003
13th annual conference on polyester containers for food and beverages: tel: 609:.466.9191
Orlando, FL
Nov. 17-20, 2002
2002 Biennial Symposium
Polymeric Nanomaterials
Rohnert Park, California
Nov. 3-7, 2002 Pack Expo International
Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 20-22, 2002

FRCA Fall Conf.
Flame retardant Symposium
Ritz Carlton
Clevland Ohio
Sept 23-25, 2002 Nanocomposite 2002: Delivering New Values to Plastics San Diego, California
Sept. 9-12, 2002 Nanotech 2002, At the Edge of a Revolution. Houston, Texas
June 16-21, 2002 NANO 2002, 6th Annual Conference on Nanostructured Materials Irvine, California
June 3-5, 2002 Recent Advances in Flame Retardancy of Polymeric Materials, Stamford, Connecticut
May 19-21, 2002 Paving the Road to Nanotechnology New York, New York
May 13-15, 2002 Nanotech Planet Conference and Expo San Jose, California
May 6-7, 2002 Nanotech and Biotech Convergence Stamford, Connecticut
May 5-9, 2002 ANTEC 2002, Sponsored by the Scociety of Plastic Engineers. Providing the latest advantages to the plastic industry San Francisco, California
April 9-11, 2002 JEC Composites Show Paris, France
April 9-11, 2002 Addplast Europe Brussels, Belgium
April 7-11, 2002 American Chemical Society (ACS) 2002, 23rd Annual Meeting. Advances in Nanotechnology Orlando, Florida
April 1-5, 2002 Material Research Society (MRS), Polymer Nanocomposites San Francisco, California
March 29-30, 2002 NIST Workshop, Nanocomposites
Garthersburg, Maryland
March 24-27, 2002 Additives 2002, 11th Annual Conference on Additives & Modifiers
Clearwater Beach, Florida
March 24, 2002 Nanocomposite Workshop, Prof. Giannelis
(Cornell University) Scientific Principles and Technical Innovations
Clearwater Beach, Florida
March 19-21, 2002 MACM 2002, 9th Annual Marine and Composite Conference
Melbourne, Florida
March 19, 2002 Small Wonders: Exploring the Vast Potential of Nanoscience
Tel: 703-292-5111
Arlington, AV
March 12-13, 2002 Flex-Pak Americas 2002 - The 12th Worldwide Flexible Packaging Conference
Chicago, Illinois
March 10-13, 2002 Fire Retardant Chemicals Association Conference
San Antonio, Texas
March 6-8, 2002 Nanoventures 2002 Richardson Texas
March 6-8, 2002 Nano Tech 2002, International Technology Exhibit & Conference
Tokyo, Japan
March 5-7, 2002 Flexcor 2002, Innovations in Flexible Packaging
Chicago, Illinois
Jan. 28-29, 2002 Nova-Pack Americas 2002
Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island
Amelia Island, Florida
Jan. 28-29, 2002 Nano 2002 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 9-12, 2001 Composite 2001 San Diego, California
Sept. 24-26, 2001 Nanotech Symposium St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 18-19, 2001 Nova Pack Europe Munich, Germany
Sept. 17-19, 2001 Polymer Nano 2001 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sept. 11-13, 2001 Functional Fillers San Antonio, Texas
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