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Nanocor China

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Research and Development

Nanocomposite Processing:

Polycondensation Reactors
Nanocomposites of polycondensation polymers can be synthesized by dispersing Nanomers in the monomer and then using heat-of-polymerization to form the nanocomposite. These reactors are principally used for research into polyamide nanocomposites.

Brabender Single Screw Extruder/Mixer
Single screw Brabender extruders and internal mixers are used in Nanocor’s lab to evaluate Nanomer dispersion and nanocomposite formation. In particular, the internal mixer can be used to evaluate the dispersion vs mixing time and temperature to quantify key processing parameters. Single screw extruders also have been used to incorporate conventional fillers, such as glass fiber, Mg(OH)2 and CaCO3 into nanocomposites to study synergistic effects.

Leistritz Twin Screw Extruder
This twin screw extruder ZSE-27 is the workhorse of Nanocor’s processing lab. It has a modular design screw and barrel. Extensive work has been done to develop custom screw designs and process guidelines for a variety of matrix polymer processing. Prototype nanocomposites and Nanomer-polyolefin masterbatches are typically developed and scaled-up based on information gained from this equipment.

Cincinnati Milacron Injection Molder
This injection molder is used to fabricate various ASTM and ISO nanocomposite test specimens. In addition, Nanocor’s processing engineers use the injection molder to generate molding/processing guidelines for customers.

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