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Nanocor China

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Product/Technical Data Sheets

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view data Sheets.

Code Description
1. G-100 General Information About Nanomers®

NYLON 6 & 6.6
Code Description
1. N-603 Dispersion Guidelines For In-Reactor Nylon 6 Polymerization
2. N-604 Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.30T
3. N-605 Nylon Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.34TCN
4. N-608 Guidelines & Setup Parameters For Nylon 6 Nanocomposites
5. N-609 Nylon Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.24TL
6. N-662 Guidelines & Setup Parameters For Nylon 6,6 Nanocomposites

Code Description
1. NCB-01E PET Multilayer Barrier Bottles - IMPERM ® Grade 103
2. NC105-01E Film and Sheet Applications - IMPERM ® Grade 105

Code Description
1. P-801 Nanomer® Products for Polyolefin Products
2. P-802 nanoMax®Polyolefin Masterbatch Products
3. P-804 Processing of Polyolefin Nanocomposites

Code Description
1. T-10 Epoxy Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.22E Nanoclay
2. T-15 Dispersion Guidelines For Nanomer® I.22E Nanoclay
3. T-12 Epoxy Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.28E Nanoclay
4. T-14 Dispersion Guidelines For Nanomer® I.28E Nanoclay
5. T-11 Epoxy Nanocomposites Using Nanomer® I.30E Nanoclay
6. T-13 Dispersion Guidelines For Nanomer® I.30E Nanoclay
7. T-17 Rheology Control Of Epoxy Formulations

Code Description
1. G-105 Polymer Grade Montmorillonites G 105

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